Will you send invoices to my customers and help pay my bills?

We will not touch your invoices or bills as a standard. We also do not recommend using bills and invoices if you are trying to maintain a strict cash-basis accounting method. Generally, Accounts Payable and Receivables are handled by the business itself as it usually has more information available for all their vendors and customers. We can help manage your invoices and bills (AR & AP) only per your direction.
This is an additional service by Kleanbooks that is not part of the standard ongoing or cleanup bookkeeping. We will match payments received or sent that have a perfect match with invoices or bills as part of the ongoing and cleanup process, however entering invoice/bill details and managing customer/vendor information is out of scope for the Ongoing/Cleanup Bookkeeping unless you sign up for our additional service. In order for us to match payments and bills included in our scope, we need your direct co-operation to ensure that things are applied properly. Often times, we cannot magically know how to apply things without information that only your business may have internally.