KleanBooks has exciting programs available for other bookkeepers, accountants, bookkeeping companies, CPA firms, and other professionals who provide bookkeeping services to their clients. Schedule a free consultation to see how KleanBooks can help your company grow.

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Partnership Benefits

Is your firm at capacity?

Are you still receiving bookkeeping leads, but your company is at capacity or in transition for employees? KleanBooks can help fill this gap and allows you to retain clients without turning them away.

Upsell your clients

Our services are designed to be affordable for companies that fit within our plans. This allows you to upsell our services and allows you to sell your clients other services.

Discounted Pricing

We enjoy working with other professionals, and we are happy to extend all promotions we have to your clients. You will also receive exclusive discounted pricing.

White-Label Services

The services we provide can be branded under your company. We want to ensure that your company is at the forefront of delivering servicing to your client.

2-Pair of Eyes

When there are 2 set of eyes on the work, it ensures your client is receiving accurate work. It is easier to catch mistakes and prepare solutions when working together.

For Tax-Only Offices

Do you only offer tax preparation services? Do you have clients who do not have their receipts together or have their financial data in Excel? We can help with preparing their bookkeeping for you.

Does your client think you charge too much?

Are you a specialized CPA firm without a bookeeping team? Your hourly fee is surely much higher than bookkeeper fees. Is your client having to get estimates from other competitors because you can’t help them? 

For Individual Bookkeepers

Are you a beginner at bookkeeping? Do you have clients that are rapidly growing in size and complexity? We help you manage these clients so that they don’t fall behind.

Partnership Services

Expert Bookkeeping

**Learn More About Expert Bookkeeping

We have the most talented Xero and QuickBooks experts available. Start immediately with our free consultation or free trial.

Use our bank-level security portal or application to access your files anytime.

Cloud-based bookkeeping will provide you access to 24/7 reports.

Catchup Bookkeeping

**Learn More About Catchup Bookkeeping

Hopelessly behind?
Don’t stress!

If your books are behind, we will review your books, bring them to current and provide you with a set of financials.

Help is more affordable than you think!
No judgement, easy sign up.


**Learn More AR & AP

Stop chasing checks and figuring out customer balances! Invoices and bills are entered and paid according to your terms.

Setup recurring payments, late fees, and more!
Get guidance on lowering processing fees!

Sales, Franchise, Local, and other Compliance obligations are responded to and filed timely.

Partnership Steps

Consult & Sign Up

You will receive a free consultation and further information about our partnership programs.

Once accepted, you will gain access to our portal. You can retain all information and manage documents for your clients.

We do the bookkeeping

We will complete the designated bookkeeping period including categorizations, reconciliations, payee management, AR, AP, chart of account management, and more.


Review information with your client

Once we complete our tasks, you will receive reports that you can review with our team. You can then present this information, and provide customized support for your bookkeeping clients.

Certified bookkeeping experts.

Fire your novice, and hire our experts.

All of our experts are certified with QuickBooks Online or Xero. Furthermore, our experts have several years of experience with bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, and more. At KleanBooks, we pull the resources and knowledge of our team to provide you with great service.

We integrate with the best software

Cloud Based Bookkeeping

We recommend QuickBooks Online and Xero

KleanBooks uses cloud-based bookkeeping software so that you can make decisions faster.

KleanBooks services these industries: